Oilfield Glass Specialties

" A surge in truck traffic related to the drilling boom in parts of Texas has resulted in a smaller boom in the windshield replacement industry. "

Aman Batheja - The Texas Tribune

Eddie, the company's founder and general manager discovered his niche in providing glass services to the oilfield. It was only natural that he would respond to the need for glass services brought on by the oil business given his experience working in the industry and his background replacing auto glass for nearly thirty years. Even the media couldn't ignore the massive amount of broken windshields brought on by oil truckers hurling pebbles onto the highways and the extent of the harm those rocks inflicted.

Having learned the oilfield culture gave Eddie the upper hand. He became familiar with their values, their needs, the lingo, and how to navigate the oil patch roads. Broken windshields that needed fixing was an opportunity too good to pass up.

At first, Windshields Etc did glass replacement and repair for trucks and 18-wheelers. But soon his services included glass for heavy equipment, cranes, and pretty much anything else. And in 2017 the opportunity to fix glass on drilling cabins came up, and Eddie jumped on it!

In 2020 Windshields Etc had to reevaluate its marketing strategies as a result of the pandemic and one of the worst periods in the oil industry. The company, which was centered on the oilfield, became more inclusive of other audiences, including personal vehicles, which quickly became a very important source of income. However, the original purpose of the business—oil companies—was not overlooked or forgotten, merely re-evaluated.

Windshields Etc currently operates under the name Happy Windshield. Their goal is to use the best practices each day to fulfill the needs of their different clientele. Regarding the oil sector, they’ll keep adapting to their changing needs!